3 Tier & Wings Heated Clothes Airers Bundle Deal - 35.5m Drying Space



The bundle contains two Clothes Airers and is one of the bestselling deals that you can get. Crafted with perfection with features like:

Durable Material: Our clothing airers are meticulously crafted from the premium quality Aluminium material. This rack is rustproof and durable enough to stand the test of time.

Unique 3-Tier Design and Spacious Wings Design: Get 2 designs in one deal. A 3-Tier airer and a Wings Design airer. Get the convenience and class of both!

Anti-Slip Material: Thanks to its ABS anti-slip material, this rack won't move or slide while you are hanging clothes on it. It will stay put until you move it from one place to another.

Waterproof Switch: Both the airers are equipped with a waterproof switch to provide you with 360 degrees protection. Featuring an extra-long power supply cord so you can easily connect it to the switchboard and quickly start the dryer. 

Main Benefits:

 Saves you hours of drying time: The electric clothes airer helps you dry your laundry in 5 times less time.

 Easy to fold for compact storage: Both the airers are quick and easy to fold and store anywhere. 

Strong capacity: The freestanding tiered heated airers can hold up a lot more than what you expect. Check the specifications for the holding capacity of each product. 

 Energy Saving: The radiator is extremely energy efficient! The overall monthly cost is nothing as compared to the convenience!


Specifications: 3 Tier Clothes Airer


Folded size:1480*70*730mm


Heating tubes qty.:36

Tube diameter:12mm; 37mm

Drying space: 20.5m (0.57m*36)

Drying capacity:15kgs

Surface Finish: Grey Oxidized

Power: 220-240V,50Hz,300W


Cable length: 1.4m

Surface temperature: 45-55°

IP level: IPX1

Specifications: In-Care Wings Clothes Airer


Folded size:1450*540*54mm


Heating tubes qty.:20

Tube diameter: 14*10mm;12mm;16mm

Drying space:15m (1.13m*8+0.5m*12)

Drying capacity:15kgs

Surface Finish:Grey Oxidized



Cable length:1.4m

Surface temperature:45-55°

IP level: IPX1