ABIS 72" Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4:3 Native Screen 16:9 Compatible

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Our top quality HD projection screens have proven to give a supreme performance whilst remaining at the best value for money. ABIS manufacture their products following the highest standards, ensuring only premium components are used. The top quality matte white finish has an ultra-high gain providing a great reflection of properties. This screen guarantees no light or pixels are missed from your projected images and videos, automatically improving the quality for greater viewing experiences.    

Main Benefits:    

Easy installation & assembly - Walls or ceilings  

Produces a clearer & sharper image  

Guarantees a brighter picture  

Colour & contrast is immensely improved 

Full HD Quality    

Rear screen blackout to reduce ambient light    

Suitable for all projectors - CRT, LCD, DLP, 3LCD, LED, 3LED, 2K, 4K, Full HD or Standard Def                                                                

Product Specifications:   

Size: 72"    

Series: Manual 

Colour/ Fabric: Matte White 300D   

Metal Casing Colour: White 

Format: 4:3 (16:9 compatible)   

Condition: Brand New                                                     

Viewing Area: 146cm x 110cm    

Net Weight: 4.8KG    

Gross Weight: 5.5KG   

Top Metal Casing: 159cm x 8cm x 7cm   

Brand: ABIS