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100" Portable Projector Screen 16:9 Aspect Ratio 3D 4K Screen



The Portable Projector Screen from ABIS with a Screen size of 100" diagonal is one of the best Projector Screens in the UK. With a Multilayer Projector screen material and high quality and durable tripod stands, this screen will make your Projector viewing experience better than ever.

The top-quality multi-layer white matte with a black backing that prevents light penetration is capable of providing an excellent reflection of properties. ABIS Portable Projector Screen’s features guarantee supreme performances, projecting images and videos with no missing light or pixel, automatically improving quality, and ensuring the greatest viewing experience.

Main Features

  • Top Quality Matte
  • Portable Projector Screen
  • High-resolution
  • Enhanced stability
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with most projectors on the market (CRT, LCD, DLP, 3LCD, LED, 3LED, 2K, 4K, Full HD or Standard Definition)
  • Cleanable screen

Top-quality Matte

The top-quality white matte guarantees the brightest picture. The quality, shade, and texture of the matte have been carefully tested to provide the one that could provide the clearest and sharpest image. The black background avoids light to penetrate to create a clearer and sharper image.

The white matte is also highly resistant. It can withstand daily and continuous usage without losing its reflecting properties. Colour and contrast are also immensely improved.


The tripod is lightweight enough to allow the screen to be transported from one room to another, one office to another, one classroom to another. This way, the Portable Projector Screen becomes versatile and money-saving: with one purchase you can have a projector screen ready for anyone who needs it inside the building.


When projecting images in high resolution (even Full HD or 4K), the 100" Portable Projector Screen avoids losing the resolution quality. Even when projecting 3D images or videos, the screen is capable of reflecting an accurate image. 

No loss of quality, sharpness, brightness, and clarity is guaranteed.

Enhanced Stability

The tripod is designed and built to be extremely stable: the screen won’t hobble or fall over at the minimum gust of wind. On the contrary, the tripod's screen is stable on its feet without adding too much weight to the overall structure.


Assembling the 100" Portable 4K 3D Projector Screen for Home Cinema & Conference is an easy process, all the instructions and tools are included in the package.


This screen is universally suitable for most LED, LCD, or DLP projectors on the market - 

CRT, LCD, DLP, 3LCD, LED, 3LED, 2K, 4K, Full HD or Standard Definition.       

Cleanable Screen

The screen is easily cleanable with simple mild soap and water.

Size: 100"    

Series: Tripod

Colour/ Fabric: Matte White 300D   

Metal Casing Colour: White 

Format: 16:9

Condition: Brand New                                                     

Viewing Area: 221cm x 125cm

Net Weight: 4.8KG    

Gross Weight: 6.5KG   

Height of Fold: 125cm to 219cm

Brand: ABIS