100" Electric Projector Screen 16:9 Aspect Ratio 3D 4K Screen

  • Brand: ABIS Electronics
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£149.99 (Inc VAT)

Our top quality HD projection screens have proven to give a supreme performance whilst remaining at the best value for money. ABIS manufacture their products following the highest standards, ensuring only premium components are used. The top-quality matte white finish has an ultra-high gain providing a great reflection of properties. This screen guarantees no light or pixels are missed from your projected images and videos, automatically improving the quality for greater viewing experiences.  

Main Benefits:  

✔ Remote Controlled Electric Motor  
✔ Produces a clearer & sharper image 
✔ Guarantees a brighter picture                                 
✔ Colour & contrast are immensely improved  
✔ UHD 4K and Full HD 1080p Quality 
✔ Rear screen blackout to reduce ambient light  
✔ Suitable for all projectors - CRT, LCD, DLP, 3LCD, LED, 3LED, 2K, 4K, Full HD or Standard Def  
✔ Low noise motor  
✔ Easy installation & assembly - Walls or ceilings                                                             


Size: 100"  

Series: Electric 

Colour/ Fabric: Matte White 300D 

Format: 16:9 

Condition: Brand New                                                   

Viewing Area: 221cm x 124cm  

Net Weight: 9.5KG  

Gross Weight: 10.8KG                                  

Top Metal Casing: 250cm x 11cm x 9cm 

Brand: ABIS  

Warranty: 12 Months