ABIS Percussion Massage Guns - Buy 1 Get 1


£149.99 (Including VAT)

😎 2 Massagers for £149.99: This is the best deal that you can grab! Get two Massagers at the price of one! 

🔆 Save £160 on the Deal: Pre-Christmas 2020 Limited Period Offer!

🔋Portable & Battery Powered with 8 Massage Heads in each Massager - Forget the Old Gen Massage Devices with long wires!

2️⃣0️⃣ Up to 20 Power Levels and various massage modes in Both Massagers: Suitable for all needs - A relaxing daily massage!


😌 HRM & Calorie Meter with Intuitive Toushscreen in SCM19: One of the High-Tech Massager included in the deal!





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ABIS FTM19 - Convenience with Power A treat to the muscles.

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Technical Specifications of SCM19: 

Product Part Numbers: ABS-457-8053


Brand: ABIS


Model Number: SCM19 Massage Gun


Colour: Blue


Item Weight: 1.5 Kg


Material: Silicone


Special Features: 8 Massage Heads with 20 Power Levels 




Technical Specifications of FTM19: (FREE Model)

Product Part Numbers: ABS-457-8052


Brand: ABIS


Model Number: FTM19 Massage Gun


Colour: Black


Item Weight: 1.5 Kg


Material: Silicone


Special Features: 8 Massage Heads with 20 Power Levels 



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