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Firmware Upgrade for ABIS HD6K 4th Generation Projector

What's in the upgrade?


- Fixed keyboard not working in certain Apps

- New YouTube UI

- Stabilized the Overall UI

- Security Patches in the Android OS

Download the Firmware File

Steps to upgrade:

  • Copy the software file on to a blank USB pen, there should be no folders, just the software file directly in to the pen.
  • Connect the USB pen into USB1 or USB2 port.

  • Connect the power lead to the projector and turn on the power switch on the back of the unit.

  • The LED indicator on the top of the unit should be lit up red.

  • Press and hold the power on button on the top panel for a couple of seconds.

  • The LED indicator will flash between red & green, then it will stay a solid green colour. The software update will commence and last for approximately 2 minutes.

  • After this the LED will again return to a red colour.

  • Remove the USB pen and press the power button on again on the top panel.

  • The system will complete the second stage of the software update which takes approximately 5 to 7 minutes.

  • The software update is now complete and the system can now be operated as normal.