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Firmware Upgrade

Firmware Upgrade for ABIS HD6000+ SMART Android 6.0 Projector

What's in the upgrade?

 Fixed Youtube Crashing Bug faced by some of the customers

 Added Security Features for customer data protection.

 Enhanced Performance optimizations for a smoother experience.

 Android Core Kernel upgraded to latest Android version available.

Download the Firmware File

Steps to upgrade:

1) Decompress the compressed file into "messi.bin" software and copy it to an USB flash
It can't be renamed, and also cannot be put into a new folder.

2) Connect the USB disk with your projector through the USB port.

3) Switch the power. Then press the power button on the top panel of the projector
and don't release it until you see the update interface.

4) No operation to the projector is allowed during updating.

5) After the update progress finishes, the machine will automatically be turned off.
We need to re-turned it on twice.

The first time after it is turned on, you will see the booting screen. It will then turn off
automatically in a few minutes.

Then turn it back on by pressing the top power button. This time you will see the
Android Logo. Please allow a few minutes for it to finish its update. You will see home
screen after a minute and you are done!