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Projector and 100" Electric Screen Bundle Deal



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Main Benefits: ✔ All that you need: An awesome Projector + Ceiling Mount + 100" Electric Projector...

Projector and 100" Portable Screen Bundle Deal



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Main Benefits:  ✔ All that you need: An awesome Projector + Ceiling Mount + 100" Tripod...

Projector and 100" Manual Screen Bundle Deal



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Main Benefits:  ✔ All that you need: An awesome Projector + Ceiling Mount + 100" Manual...

ABIS is committed to offering customers best customer service and at the same time excellent deals and offers to help them save money. Understanding the problems faced by our customers and to ensure that the entertainment experience for every customer using our product stays high, we introduced projector bundles in 2017 and were never able to keep up with the stock. After collecting feedback and responses from our customers, here are three reasons why the ABIS Projector bundle is a best buy:

No more Compatibility Issues: We at ABIS have strived to provide best quality and flexibility options to our customers but a major challenge that most of them faced was to find compatible equipment to work with ABIS products. When you buy the ABIS projector bundle, you get well optimized and compatible products that work best with the projector! This offers high end experience and safety for the products and avoids abuse to the products and policies.

Savings upto 20%: In the projecto bundle, you get a projector, a projector screen, a hifi speaker system, a ceiling mount and on top of this all, a 25M HDMI Cable! If you go out in the market to buy these all independently, it is simply gonna cost you a fortune! Buy the bundle and see how you end up saving more than 20% savings! This will make your experience higher but costs lower!

Truly Wireless: Who likes those bundles of wires hanging around and tangling with each other creating a ruckus inside your beautiful home. Wtth the ABIS Projector bundle, you get a wireless HiFi Speaker set, a long HDMI cable that you can install inside your walls and the projector itself is famous for offering amazing wireless portability options!

After all these reasons, there exists no reason for you to skip buying this ABIS Home Cinema Projector Bundle!