Express Automatic Electric Hand Dryer - White

£59.99 (Inc VAT)

Take a step in the right direction: Buy the ABIS Electric hand dryer and save money every year, help save the environment and give your washroom an upgraded high-tech look adding points to your brand value for the customers!

Automatic Sensitive Infrared Sensor: ABIS uses the best-infrared sensors available to ensure a very smooth user experience when drying hands! The user just needs to get the hand closer to the dryer and the dryer starts to work ensuring the dry in the promised time!

Hand dry in 18 seconds: The Express hand drier might not be the fastest dryer in the market but does the job really well. The 2400 RPM motor takes just 18 seconds to dry hands and the intelligent inbuilt system makes it effective and better.

Ultra Durable ABS Shell: The ABS shell is the most durable plastic that has existed! Making effective use of the same, the hand dryer lives long and healthy and stays sturdy for long!

Main Benefits:

The hand dryer is highly durable and we assure you nothing happening to it for at least five years from the time they ship out of our warehouse! The plastic and fiber are mixed with industry-standard metals to create a highly durable plastic shell ensuring sturdy!

We understand the importance of a solid backend! The hand dryer has a 2400 RPM motor ensuring dry hands in less than 18 seconds! 

 Although our Electric hand dryer is designed for small enterprises we haven't heard any complaints from any of our clients using the same in medium enterprises with medium traffic (80-100 a day).

 Paper towels lead to the risk of developing many bacterial infections coming from the wet towels. The hand dryers are equipped with bacteria repellent components ensuring a solution to this hygiene problem!

Carefree 3-year warranty from a well established British company. Superb technical support & excellent customer service.  

Product Part Numbers: ABS-454-8047

Material: ABS

Voltage: 110V 50-60Hz

Power: 1200 W

Sensing Distance: 6" / 15cm

Waterproof Rate: IPx1

Air Temperature: 45-55℃