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3 Tier Electric Heated Clothes Airers - 20.5m Drying Space


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The ABIS In-Care 3-Tier Clothes Airer is one of the bestselling airers that you can get....

Wings 20 Electric Heated Clothes Airers - 12m Drying Space


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The ABIS In-Care Wings Foldable Clothes Airer is one of the bestselling airers that you...

Wings Electric Heated Clothes Airers - 15m Drying Space


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The ABIS In-Care Wings Clothes Airer is one of the bestselling airers that you can...

3 Tier & Wings Heated Clothes Airers Bundle Deal - 35.5m Drying Space



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The bundle contains two Clothes Airers and is one of the bestselling deals that you can...

The idea of wet clothing and drying it goes hand in hand. It implies that you can't separate one from the other. The most mainstream and wide technique for drying out wet clothing is that of the conventional electric dryer, an appliance that disburses improvident levels of energy. That is problematic without a doubt, yet imagine a scenario in which we reveal to you that there is a less expensive and honestly significantly more helpful alternative?

The cloth airers drying racks are wonderful apparatus that eliminates all your efforts of drying clothes and other items. ABIS has come up with the meticulously crafted cloth airers made by using supreme quality Aluminium material that ensures durability. They can withstand the harsh climatic conditions well. You can hang your clothes, hats, shoes, or infant supplies for quick drying and place the airer anywhere you want. They also allow you for compact storage as they can be folded conveniently and stored in any place. On top of it, they are extremely energy-efficient as well and the monthly costs would be nothing as compared to the amount of convenience they are offering you.

With the help of them, you can dry your clothing items in five times less time. At ABIS, we offer you the best 3 tier clothes airer in Uk and the best In-care wings clothes airer. Both of them are available at the best value for money and stand out from all their competitors in the market.