How To Understand Projector Specifications Better

To projector-enthusiasts, understanding the technical specifications that projectors are equipped with may not be difficult to them at all. But to the newcomers in the projector-sphere, the number of terminologies and technical jargon can be confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes, intimidating. There are many projectors that are out and available to the market these days. But not all of them are built the same. Sure, one feature may not be as great as the other one, but depending on your needs and usage, these errors or shortcomings may be overlooked – maybe advantageous, even.

But how exactly will you know what to look for when purchasing a projector? Better yet, how does one find the perfect one for them? Here are a few technical specifications – and we simplified them for you.


1. Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of pixels that is shown on your projector display – in a single picture. Succinctly, the more pixels that can fit and be displayed on the screen, the higher the resolution is. Watching movies, playing games, or even displaying still images into the space allows you to see more vibrant and crisp pictures if you have a projector that can display high-resolution images.

There are plenty of resolutions that you can choose from. Here are some of them.

• Video resolution (4:3 aspect ratio)

SVGA: 800 X 600; total number of pixels – 480,000
XGA: 1024 X 768; total number of pixels – 786,000
XSGA+: 1400 X 1050; total number of pixels – 1,470,000
UXGA: 1600 X 1200; total number of pixels – 1,920,000

• Widescreen Resolution (16:10 aspect ratio)

WXGA: 1280 X 800; total number of pixels – 1,024,000
WXGA+: 1440 X 900; total number of pixels – 1,296,000
WUXGA: 1920 X 1200; total number of pixels – 2,304,000

• Widescreen Resolution (16:9 aspect ratio)

720p: 1280 X 720; total number of pixels – 921,600
1080p: 1920 X 1080; total number of pixels – 2,073,600
4K Ultra HD: 3840 X 2160; total number of pixels – 8,294,400

Those who are very particular about their projector resolutions and use it for games and movies opt for a widescreen resolution of 1080p or more. Projectors like the the ABIS HD6K+, however, is preferred by tech-savvy individuals because of its 1080p resolution that supports the 4K Ultra HD.


2. Aspect Ratio

A projector’s aspect ratio refers to the ratio of the displayed image’s height and width. Even though the 4:3 ratio was once common, projector manufacturers are now trying to avoid that aspect ratio because movies and computer screens are now being made with a 16:9 aspect ratio -- typically. Though purchasing a projector with a 16:9 aspect ratio lets you display 4:3 images without any problem, HDTV signals and Blu-ray discs now only use 16:9 as the standard.

Fortunately, ABIS is ahead of its time as their HD6K+ is made with a 16:9 aspect ratio. No matter where and how you will use your projector, be sure to only purchase a screen that will display images that’s compatible -- or would look best -- on what your projector is projecting.


3. Lumens

While the debate on the importance of lumens in a projector is still ongoing, many still see the lumens as a key feature on the projectors that they purchase. When you say lumens, you’re talking about the measurement of the light from not just the projector lamp, but to all the lighting source available. Essentially, the more lumens that your projector has, the brighter it can project the images on the screen.


4. Additional and Miscellaneous Features

While at the end of the day, the technical specifications will still vary from one person to another, the only sure way of purchasing the perfect projector for you to use is to know where and how you’re going to use it. To a trained eye, these details can be visible and apparent, but to those who wish to enjoy a home cinema or a gaming projector can do so with the other features that the projector is equipped with. If you want to maximise on using a projector, choose not only the highest-quality one in terms of technical specifications, but also consider the added features that it has.

The HD6K+ by ABIS is not only an exceptional projector in terms of technicality, it’s also one of the few HD projectors that has a WiFi and Bluetooth feature that readily allows you to connect to the internet, stream movies, and play games.

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