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Why You Should Switch To LED Panels

Why You Should Switch to LED Panels - {{ ABIS Electronics }}

When it comes to your business, you want to make sure that you are not spending too much. While you may be focusing on things like labour and inventory, you should also pay attention to your electricity bill.

Nowadays, energy efficiency is slowly penetrating our culture and landscape. Switching to energy-efficient alternatives may be known to help protect the environment, but they are cost-efficient as well.

Thus, installing LED lights in your business is a smart choice. Here are ten reasons why:


Long Lasting

Unlike in our home, our office needs to have lights on all day long. Therefore, you need lights that can last long so that you don’t have to keep buying a new one.

LED lights can be used for up to 10 years because they are built to be durable and reliable.


Less Heat

The main problem you may encounter with other light bulbs like incandescent or CFL bulbs are their tendency to get hot – making it an unfavourable place for people. Fortunately, LED lights don’t have this problem because they don’t produce any heat at all.

This not only helps with the climate control, but it is also much safer to humans. 



Another problem with standard bulbs is that they are made of toxic chemicals. Incandescent ones have tungsten filaments that cannot be reused; while CFL bulbs use gas, which is another chemical that is toxic. LED lights, on the other hand, are 100% reusable. You will not only have no problem with the disposal, but you will also be at ease because it doesn’t contain any pollutants or toxins even during its production.

Overall, LED lights are safe and eco-friendly from inception to destruction.


Directional Light

Standard light bulbs produce light in all directions. This is because of its inherent features and of how it operates. The only way you can point it to the direction you want is by using a shade or reflector. LED bulbs, however, are designed to shine in a specific way and are much better because they can shine in a specific direction.

LED lights is an excellent choice if you’re creating a comfortable and welcoming vibe for your customers.

Energy Efficient

Using LED lights save you up to 80-90% of energy compared to CFL bulbs. LED lights are so efficient that they will pay for themselves after just a couple of years. If you are operating a large office, this is a good way to save energy and money. LED bulbs also stay much longer than the usual.

You will be able to put money back into your pocket every hour that your LED lights are lit.



LED lights are not affected by the temperatures like the cold, rain, and extreme heat. Unlike standard light bulbs, LED lights do not contain glass in their bulbs. This makes LED lights a durable choice.



Unlike regular bulbs, LED lights are equipped with an adjustable option that allows you to dim your lights. In addition to that, dimming can also help conserve the energy and will allow your LED lights to last longer. That's why many are starting to switch to LED lights.


If you wish to purchase LED lights, ABIS can provide the perfect one for your home or business.


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