Why You Should Switch To A Gaming Projector

Remember the time when you could play games on a small 1024x768 monitor display?

But your computer could only cater to an 800x600 resolution?

Yup. We’ve come a long way since.

Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find games that’s of a low resolution because game developers have evolved in more ways than one. Thanks to the rapid technology upgrade that our generation has researched, games can now be played on a bigger and wider screen. Even televisions can be used as a monitor now to fully enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

But why stop at using TVs as monitors?

Playing games that can occupy a whole portion of your living room is not only more enjoyable, it’s also more engaging; unlike 20 years ago where you and your friends or siblings would have to almost push each other just to get a good view! Games nowadays can be enjoyed by not just you and a few of your siblings, you can now play it along with your whole circle of friends and the rest of your family. Thanks to the recent but constant projector upgrades, they can now be used for other things that’s not just limited to school projects and religious places. Projectors now can be used for games – and some are even made specially for gamers out there to enjoy!

Gaming projectors like the ABIS HD6K+ is the most fitting projector for every gamer and viewer for many reasons.

For one, downloading games is no longer necessary because its Smart software ensures that you have millions of games to choose from in the App store – from kid-friendly to sports. You will never run out of games to play because the options are endless.

The HD6K+ is also equipped with a WiFi feature that allows you to do other things that doesn’t have to be gaming-related. If you’re not using it to play games, you can also stream movies without the use of a laptop to project videos, slideshow presentations, or images that’s displayed on the screen. Because of ABIS’s dedication to provide you the best multipurpose projector, you can enjoy the HD6K+ in more ways than one. That said, the HD6K+ can also be controlled and navigated using a remote control – talk about convenience.

If you’re the type of gamer who likes playing games in full blast for added realism and to make the game more engaging and entertaining, then the HD6K+ is perfect for you. Floor standing speakers can be connected via Bluetooth or USB to ensure that your games are more enjoyable – and ABIS makes sure that their speakers are perfectly compatible with your projector.

There’s no better way of enjoying modern games than playing it on an HD display. The HD6K+ is one of the few projectors that has a 4K resolution. This unique feature guarantees that any game you play runs smoothly and every detail is visible to you and the rest of the viewers – not just for games, but for movies and slideshow presentations as well.

Video games have come a long way since the 90s.

While it’s nice to reminisce on the gaming memories we had as kids, newer games and avid gamers deserve to play and enjoy them on a modern projector. It may be hard to find a projector that’s perfect for every type of gamer, but ABIS guarantees that no matter what game you play, the HD6K+ can make it work and ensure that you enjoy it – now and in the years to come.

If you wish to own only the best gaming projector out there, check out the ABIS website.