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Why the ABIS HD6000+ Android 6.0 is the Best Projector that Exists

“What makes you claim that our projectors are the best?” We get asked this quite a lot. There may be big brands like Sony and Epson producing several fine projectors, but here are a few reasons why are our projectors the best that you can get.

ABIS lets the facts speak for us, but we'll also discuss how our latest ABIS HD6000+ with Android 6.0 is better than the ABIS HD6000+ with Android 4.4.4.

We could not find any other company's projector worth competing with our new model so the only comparison left to do is with our previous model itself.

To start with, this is the best upgrade that the HD6000+ has got. This upgrade is not just about new software but the hardware has also been upgraded to make it a powerhouse and a beast to perform to utmost expectations of the customers. 

Let's talk one by one, what new you can expect in the projector:


Smoother and Better Navigation

Many people complained to us that the navigation and user interface is slow on the Android 4.4.4 model. On the ABIS HD6000+., this was the first thing in mind when designing the new OS and the output is evident.

The HD6000+ Android 6.0 model has an amazingly fine navigation and user experience which makes the quality of experience go to pinnacles.


Two HDMI Ports

Want to connect more than 2 HDMI devices to your new projector? We have made it possible now. No more struggling with wires and replacing them again and again. Simply connect your favourite devices up to 2 at a time and change the source when necessary.

This upgrade ensures our commitment that customer satisfaction is maintained as we got this idea from nowhere else but the valuable reviews that you guys leave for us.


Millions of Apps to Choose From

The Android 6.0 is the latest Android system for smart gadgets. Coming with all compatibility tweaks done or being done, the new projector supports millions of new apps that the previous model did not because of hardware and technical incapabilities.



Who does not like to turn their gadgets into how they want to? We believe in diversity and personal choice. Every customer must have the right to customize their gadgets according to their taste. After all, they have spent money on that.

The new HD6000+ with Android 6.0 provides you ample opportunities to change the home screen apps, icons, and do many customizations to make the projector "your own."


So, what are you waiting for? Order the HD6000+ right now!