Where To Get The Best Wholesale Hand Dryers | Smart Home UK & Europe

Every business-owner knows that investing in the most high-quality products is vital to their organisation. While one-time product purchases are usually a hit or miss, buying more than one is a step that should be seriously considered. One purchase mistake that establishment-owners make is buying from more well-known brands just because it’s what’s familiar to them. Unbeknown to these entrepreneurs, choosing a more established brand is not always the wisest choice.

Hand dryers, for instance, are one of the most common purchases made by establishment-owners. Owning a hand dryer is paramount to your business because it provides your customers convenience and peace of mind – hygiene-wise. If you’re planning on purchasing multiple hand dryers for your establishment, consider getting them from a brand that offers wholesale discounts to help you save up money. But where exactly can you get the best hand dryer that’s worthy of being bought in bulk?

ABIS is known to make the best hand dryers in the UK and is proud to offer their Excel-9 -- their bestselling product -- at a discounted price if ordered in bulk. And this specific hand dryer model is known to benefit their users and establishment-owners in countless ways.

Here are a few of them.


Eco-friendly and hygienic

The hand dryer is almost every person’s most preferred hand drying medium because it promotes a no-contact environment in an area where bacteria is abundant. Environment-conscious individuals also prefer using a hand dryer instead of a paper towel because it reduces paper pollution that’s becoming a serious problem to the planet. Indeed, paper towels contribute so much waste to landfills that tons and tons of paper waste is disposed without the chance of it ever being recycled – which is a common misconception to most people as they think paper towel is recyclable – it is not.

The Excel-9 is the best eco-friendly alternative when it comes to drying hands because it eliminates the need to use a paper towel. It also a hygienic solution that helps reduce the spread of potential sickness-causing germs because its automatic sensor allows you to use the hand dryer without ever having to touch it.


Cost-effective and energy-efficient

Any owner of an establishment knows how important it is to save as much money as you can for the sake of business. Your profit can significantly increase if you cut back or eliminate objects that causes you to purchase more. Moreover, finding solutions and alternatives to purchases like paper towels in the bathroom is one thing you should thoroughly consider. While installing a paper towel dispenser won’t cause your electricity bill to soar, a hand dryer is still an investment that can aid you in your expense reduction.

Hand dryers like the Excel-9 eliminates the need for you to purchase paper towels. Not only that, but this hand dryer is also equipped with a powerful motor that can guarantee that your hands will dry thoroughly in just a matter of seconds. This is an excellent alternative to paper towels because its quick hand drying time reduces foot traffic. It also saves you money in the process because your customers will no longer resort to older hand dryer models that take ages to dry hands.


Easy to install and aesthetically-pleasing

Not all business-owners can shell out additional money to hire an installer for their hand dryers. While the Excel-9 is known to be a product that only takes around 10 minutes to install, its distributor, ABIS, is known to have excellent customer service representatives who are willing to help you install your product purchase every step of the way. Any problem that might arise during your installation can be resolved by them. Their accommodating staff ensures that your hand dryer is installed and ready to use in no time.

Additionally, whichever hand dryer you purchase from ABIS come in a wide variety of colours. If you wish for a more classic look, then a chrome-coloured Excel-9 is the perfect purchase for you. Sleek colours like black is also available for you. The Excel-9 comes with a stainless steel casing so your hand dryer is guaranteed to be resistant to vandalism or physical blows.


Purchasing the best hand dryer can be an overwhelming task for business-owners. While there are countless products that are available to you and your customers, companies like ABIS still remains as the best distributor of hand dryers – for a fraction of the price if you buy in wholesale or bulk. If you wish to avail discounts and special offers of their other products, visit their website.