What’s New In The Hand Dryers Market

Recently, the ISSA Interclean exhibition happened. It is a major industry event attended by people who are interested to see the next innovation in hand drying. The following are some of the things that were highly noticed:



Some hand dryers will not only add value to your premises, but it can also contribute towards the environment.

Even if you have a small premise, paper towels can increase your costing by more than 200 pounds; the cleaning costs and disposing costs add up to even more. On top of that, we are contributing towards pollution when we use paper towels instead of the technologies available these days.

Not only does ABIS hand dryer models boast a 12 second drying time, they’re also eco-friendly. Along with Storm's improved design, the push button activation has been removed to ensure that it remains as one of the most hygienic appliances.


8 seconds hand drying process is guaranteed. Our top-selling commercial hand dryer is highly recommended to be used in public places such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, and theatres.


Our hand dryers are durable and vandal resistant thanks to their heavy duty stainless steel cover designed to handle busy traffic and unexpected damage. It also has a powerful air spin of 75MPS - serving more people in less time. Our top quality motor and mainboard are built for a long lasting service with original CE & RoHS compliance.


Save up to £200 with energy-efficient ABIS Storm Hand Dryers. Our hand dryers can help you save more than 200 pounds over the paper towels and cleaning costs.