What Is The Most Energy-Efficient Hand Dryer?

Energy conservation is a global advocacy. Many individuals push for energy-efficient alternatives to everyday objects. Even though gadgets and electronics are vital to everyone’s day-to-day tasks, the energy consumption of these things can be lowered if more efficient options are used instead. Companies nowadays implement energy-saving objects and electronics for many reasons. However, many fail to notice the amount of electricity that’s needed to power a hand dryer. Fortunately, companies like ABIS distribute hand dryers like the Excel-9 as the solution to this global, widespread, and growing problem.

Aside from the energy-saving benefits of the Excel-9, you and your business can also benefit from installing this hand dryer because it saves you a hefty amount of money as its automatic sensor allows you to leave the hand dryer unattended – without worrying about it running when no one’s using it. Moreover, the Excel-9 is a powerful hand dryer that can dry hands in less than 15 seconds – a few seconds less than the leading brands.

The Excel-9 by ABIS is a hand dryer that can be used in any establishment – whether your commercial place amasses a huge amount of foot traffic or not. If your establishment is a busy area, then your worry about the long queue is eliminated as the foot traffic is reduced thanks to its quick-drying feature – your customers will no longer have to wait for a longer period of time just to dry their hands.

If your establishment is a place where people are lively – like pubs, clubs, or restaurants – the Excel-9 is also built with a stainless steel casing – physical blows and vandalism can be prevented. Moreover, this hand dryer also comes in a wide variety of colours that’s sure to suit your commercial place, motif, and style.

Energy-saving products are constantly built by various manufacturers these days. While it may take a while before change is visible, drastic changes and measures can be done in as simple as replacing your old hand dryer with a more energy-efficient one – such as the Excel-9. 

ABIS ensures that all of their products meet the guidelines of what energy-efficient and environment-friendly means. If you wish to switch to a more money-saving alternative, visit their website.