What Is The Best Hand Dryer To Buy?

Many hand dryers are now available for anyone to purchase. Nearly all manufacturers and distributors make the same claim that’s supposed to benefit the business-owners and its users. Bigger and more established brands even have a significant competitive advantage from lesser-known distributors as their brand image alone is easily recognised more. Not all leading brands, however, can back up the claims of their said products. Unfortunately, many establishment-owners fall for the marketing campaigns that these companies implement, and they end up paying more than they should when it comes to purchasing hand dryers.

Distributors like ABIS, on the other hand, make the best quality hand dryers that are proven to satisfy the hand drying needs of their users. Models like the Storm and Excel-9 are continuously gaining popularity among establishment-owners and managers because of its numerous advantage. In terms of the “best” hand dryer, the Excel-9 is dubbed as the most favourite one in the UK – and it has hundreds of reviews as proof of its excellent quality.

But why exactly is the Excel-9 considered as the best hand dryer? Here are a few reasons.



Whether you’re installing a hand dryer in a small cafe or in an office that amasses a heavy amount of foot traffic in the bathroom, cutting back on the expenses is always a wise solution and is known to be a very effective strategy in your business growth. What most entrepreneurs fail to notice is that the simple but constant repurchasing and refilling of paper towels in the paper towel dispenser causes them to spend more than they should. Switching to a hand dryer not only eliminates the need to restock paper towels, it also helps you lessen the foot traffic in busy establishments as the Excel-9’s powerful motor and air spin speed can dry hands thoroughly and effectively in less than 15 seconds – this advantage is something your customers and employees will appreciate as not everyone can afford to spend time queuing just to dry their hands.


Some people are more aware of the detrimental impact that paper waste has on the environment. These are the same people who push for other solutions and alternative methods of hand drying – and they have every right to. It’s a common misconception that paper towels are recyclable. In fact, paper waste is becoming so severe that landfills are filled with over a billion tons of paper towels every year in the US alone. It’s an alarming reality indeed. If you’re one of the people who wish to contribute to the betterment to the environment, then switching to hand dryers like the Excel-9 is a wise choice because you will no longer have to be a part of the communities who dispose paper towels and other materials that can negatively affect the environment.


Easy Installation

Other than eliminating paper towels to cut back on the business costs, installing it yourself also saves you money as you will no longer have to hire a professional to install it. While the labour costs of hiring an installer may seem insignificant, but to small businesses, it’s a huge advantage to them. Not only that, the installation process can be done easily as the Excel-9’s distributor, ABIS, has accommodating and helpful customer service representatives who will gladly assist you every step of the way. Any problems that may arise during installation can be resolved in just a single phone call.

Not all hand dryers are made alike. While some are made and distributed by more well-known brands, not everyone can maximise its features. If you wish to purchase a hand dryer at a much cheaper price with the possibility of discounts, visit ABIS.