What Are The Main Benefits Of A Smart Projector Over A TV

It’s an unspoken rule that once you start setting up a home theatre, once must go all out. And by that, we mean “go big.” – really big. Unlike before when projectors weren’t as accessible as they are now, most people only opted for the biggest television that they can get their hands on. But the rise of Smart projectors not only made it more available to the consumers, its added features have already surpassed several newly-manufactured televisions.

But why exactly should you opt for a projector instead of a TV when setting up a home theatre? Read on to find out.

Cost and Size

Splurging on a television isn’t always the wisest idea – no matter its size. Projectors are much more cost-efficient compared to televisions. With the 4K resolution that projectors are equipped with, it’s comparably cheaper than the televisions sold to the market. An 80-inch television would typically cost over £1,000 whereas modern projectors like the ABIS HD6K+ only costs £239.99.

The tremendous amount of detail that projectors project also surpasses televisions. ABIS’s HD6K+ can project a resolution of 3840 X 2160 or a total of 8,294,400 pixels; crisp and smooth details are guaranteed to be projected when watching from this projector.


Most houses have a television. Watching TV used to be the most common form of entertainment for almost every household member. The digital age, however, introduced other means to keep the people occupied in their day-to-day lives. As such, televisions and what it offers, is considered to be very limited. Projectors, on the other hand, can be used in other ways that’s not limited to projecting movies or shows.

The HD6K+ by ABIS is preferred by various individuals due to its countless functions that isn’t limited for movies. Gamers, for instance, actively seek the HD6K+ because its Smart technology allows them to download games via the app store – millions of Android games and apps are available for them to use.


Televisions were once nice to own. It used to be a luxury that every home should have. But the lack of technological upgrade in televisions makes it easier for viewers to switch to using a projector instead – for good and valid reasons. Unlike televisions, projectors like the HD6K+ is equipped with a WiFi connectivity that allows you to watch YouTube videos and stream movies and shows on Netflix.

Unlike before, modern projectors no longer need to be connected to a computer or other medium for it to project something on the screen. The HD6K+ can be operated via remote control – the same way you would use a remote control for a television. Moreover, its Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to connect HiFi speakers -- that ABIS also offers -- to provide you an exceptional movie experience akin to a movie theatre or cinema.


Though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning a television, and TVs paved the way for modern projectors and manufacturers to step up their game, televisions made these days lack the technological upgrade that viewers and consumers look for. Not only are projectors more cost-efficient, they’re also equipped with a wide variety of features that can help you in countless ways. Be it for school project purposes, gaming, or home theatre experience, there’s always room for a projector.

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