Ways To Help You Choose The Best Hand Dryer For Your Business

We all want the best for our business. Even in small details like choosing a hand dryer is something we want to be hands on. But what are the factors that we should be looking at to know which one is the best? Read on.


Rotation per Minute of the Motor

When choosing a hand dryer, the Rotation per Minute (RPM) of the motor is an essential factor. The higher the RPM is, the stronger the hand dryer will be.

Thus, it is important to inquire about the hand dryer’s Rotation per Minute.



Automatic or Push Button

Automatic hand dryers come with an automatic sensor that lets users dry their hands by just placing them a few inches below the sensor. On the other hand, push button hand dryers require the user to press a button in order for the air to come out.

If health and hygiene are your priorities, then you can opt to buy the one that doesn’t need to be pressed for it to work.



Build Material

Restrooms are one of the most crowded rooms in a building. Therefore, another factor you must consider is the build material. You want to make sure that it’s durable enough to withstand any blows and wear and tear.




No one wants a super noisy hand dryer. You want a hand dryer with a low decibel as it’s always best to have a quiet hand dryer.



Drying Speed

One solution to a frequently crowded restroom is to install a fast-drying hand dryer so your customers won’t have to wait in line longer than they should when using a hand dryer. Always choose a fast drying hand dryer.



Follow these five tips and experience your #bestbuying2019 and have your best hand dryer for your business!