Top 5 Reasons To Use A Projector In A Classroom

There are countless benefits of having a projector in a classroom. Whether it is a teacher or a student presenting, projecting a lesson thru a projector is vital for learning. The visualisation of the lessons that one must present aids in the learning of the students. It also helps the teachers present their lessons easier as the projector can guide them. Most classrooms are equipped with a projector these days.

So how does a class, classroom, and a teacher benefit from a projector? Read on to find out.

1. Smooth detail

Any lesson that requires a tremendous amount of detail to be seen -- such as topics in History and Science -- can be viewed better when the images or videos are viewed in an HD resolution. ABIS’s HD6K+ for instance, is built with a 4K resolution – or 3840 X 2160 that amounts to a total of 8,294,400 pixels. Projects or lessons projected through the HD6K+’s screen is sure to be vivid and crisp.


2. Screen size

More often than not, projectors are mainly used to help the students get a clearer and better vision of the lesson that needs to be presented. Unfortunately, not all students get to view them the same way. Those who are seated in the front may find television screens to be too bright. Students seated at the back, on the other hand, may find it difficult to see the important details presented on the screen due to a television’s small size.

A solution to the students’ viewing problems when a television is used to present a lesson is to switch to a projector. Aside from ABIS’s HD6K+’s Ultra HD 4K resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, viewing the videos or images in the right proportion reduces the problems that the students may encounter as they will be displayed perfectly on the screen – in high-definition.

3. Function

Most people would think that a projector is and can only be used for slideshow presentations and nothing else. But the modern and upgraded technology that projector manufacturers have acquired over the recent years made it possible for the newly-made projectors to function in more ways than one. Teaching or presenting something to the classroom is no longer how it used to be – it’s better now.

Streaming educational videos and playing helpful and interactive games is now possible thanks to ABIS. The HD6K+ is built with a Smart technology that allows you to stream movies and shows via Netflix, YouTube, and other platforms. Millions of games can also be downloaded to help the students have fun while also learning; its Android app store allows you to access countless apps that can truly benefit the teachers, students, or any other projector user.

4. Features

Streaming shows, downloading movies, and playing games would not be possible unless your projector has a WiFi connectivity. Thankfully, ABIS’s HD6K+ is built to be WiFi-ready. Unlike before, you would need a computer or other mediums to project something on the projector screen. But the HD6K+ can be operated and controlled using a remote control alone – eliminating the need to bring a bulky laptop and all the other unnecessary devices.

5. Cost

Because education is paramount to every individual -- to kids especially -- investing in a useful and functional tool is also vital to them as it helps them learn easier and better. But because of the costs of the technological equipment and modern day gadgets, many sway away from purchasing essential electronic devices and settle for just teaching lessons the old way.

The HD6K+ is not only functional, you can also maximise its features and benefits for a fraction of the price. Its durability is also noted as it lasts for several school years – providing thousands of students years of excitement and new knowledge.

To ensure that your classroom is only equipped with the best projector, visit ABIS.