Top 10 Reasons Why The ABIS Excel-9 Is The Best Hand Dryer

A hand dryer is an office necessity. Most places are equipped with at least one. After all, it’s known to benefit any commercial establishment. Unfortunately, not all hand dryers are made the same. While some work efficiently and effectively, other hand dryers are considered to be an inconvenience. The Excel-9, however, is a hand dryer by ABIS that’s consistently proven itself to be the best one in the market.

But why exactly is the Excel-9 the best hand dryer in the market? Read on.


1. It’s eco-friendly.

Having the Excel-9 can contribute to the betterment of the environment in so many ways. Paper towels are known to contribute to paper pollution. 13 million tons of paper waste is collected on landfills every year in the US alone. Because using the Excel-9 hand dryer eliminates the need for you to use paper towels, paper pollution is immensely reduced.


2. It’s energy-efficient.

The Excel-9 is equipped with a powerful motor that can dry hands in 12 seconds or less. Because of it’s quick hand drying time, your electricity bill will reduce immensely. Establishment-owners can benefit from this as older hand dryer models take longer to dry hands. Whereas with the Excel-9, not only does it dry hands faster, it’s also equipped with a sensor that automatically turns off when not in use.


3. It’s quiet.

Schools and libraries, too, can benefit from the Excel-9. ABIS has been in the industry for several years, and they’re known to make high-quality hand dryers. The Excel-9 is one of their many products that was built using a cutting-edge technology. ABIS made the Excel-9 for every establishment – including schools and libraries where silence is required.


4. It lessens the foot traffic.

The Excel-9 is equipped with an air spin of 75 MBPS – the most optimum speed, according to scientists. Because of its strong air spin, using the ABIS Excel-9 dries your hands quicker. This is a great feature as it takes less time for hands to dry – reducing the foot traffic in the bathroom.


5. It’s visually-appealing.

ABIS’s Excel-9 hand dryer comes with a variety of vibrant colours that can look appealing in any type of bathroom that you have. Whether you’re going for a rustic, or more modern design or motif, the Excel-9 can surely blend in beautifully.


6. It dries hands thoroughly.

Aside from the significant reduction of your electricity consumption, the Excel-9’s motor is also proven to dry hands thoroughly and quickly – this eliminates the need to use a paper towel to dry your hands afterwards.


7. It’s more hygienic.

Using the ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer is more hygienic than using a paper towel. To have access to a paper towel means to touch a paper towel dispenser. But with Excel-9 -- an automatic hand dryer -- its sensors can detect a person’s hands that can automatically trigger it without having to physically touch it.

8. It costs less.

The Excel-9 is beneficial to every business-minded person because of its Return of Investment, or ROI. Switching to hand dryers will not only eliminate the need to constantly restock a paper towel dispenser of supplies, it also gives your workforces more time to focus on other things instead of maintaining a paper towel dispenser.


9. Easy to install.

Installing the Excel-9 is a task that almost anyone can do; a professional isn’t required to do this. It also takes 15 minutes or less to install. Moreover, troubles that might arise when installing the hand dryer can be relayed to ABIS’s technical support.


10. It’s innovative.

Not many hand dryers are equipped with the same features as the Excel-9. If you’re looking for a hand dryer for your establishment, then the Excel-9 is the best one for your commercial space.


The Excel-9 is UK’s best hand dryer and the customer feedback is an excellent testimonial that proves its worth. Despite the number of hand dryers surfacing the market recently, ABIS and their products still stands out among its competitors. To ensure that your establishment is equipped with only the best hand dryer, check out ABIS.