The Best Projector For Your Pub Or Club

Managing a pub is never easy. From serving your customers to entertaining them, there are many ways you can fail as a business-owner. But one excellent way to provide maximum entertainment for your customers is by giving them a TV screen for them to watch their favourite sports on.

Not all business-owners, however, understand the need for their customers to freely access the television screen without the obstruction. While a simple flat-screen LCD is fine, HD Projectors can also be a great option. The HD6K+ by ABIS, for instance, is a favourite amongst pub-owners for countless reasons.

But how does the HD6K+ projector improve your business as a club or owner of a pub? Read on.


WiFi connectivity

Connecting your projector to a WiFi may seem unneccessary for your business, but the endless options you can use your projector is enhanced. The HD6K+ takes only a minute to connect to the WiFi, and once it’s connected, downloading movies, watching shows, and playing games is no longer that difficult to do.


Pubs can get very noisy throughout the night. And most pub-goers are aware of how annoying it can be to stay in a crowded and lively place when their favourite football match is being broadcast live. Luckily, ABIS’s HD6K+ is Bluetooth-ready – so connecting it in almost any Bluetooth-capable speaker is not only possible, but also encouraged.


Warranty protection

Investing in supposed high-quality pub equipment is supposed to benefit a business-owner. But the number of errors and mishaps are often unavoidable. While the HD6K+ is known for its durability, ABIS still values their customers as much as their products. That’s why their projectors are not only covered by a 12 month warranty, their customer service representatives are also helpful and accommodating.

Ultra high-definition

Pubs and clubs can get extremely crowded. While this may be a reason for you to celebrate as the owner of the establishment, the customers, however, may be having a hard time keeping up with what’s going on in the screen when there are a lot of other pub-goers sharing it with them. Fortunately, the HD6K+ has a 4K resolution which ensures that all of your customers get to see the screen without any obstruction.


Investing in a good-quality projector may be a daunting task as an owner of a pub, with all the expenses that you have to prioritise, customer enjoyment or entertainment is often neglected. While a simple TV screen may be enough to some, oftentimes, providing them with a better quality screen is vital. If you wish to give your customers a better experience in your establishment, check out ABIS to learn more about its products.