The Best Projector For Your Hotel Or Restaurant

Hotels and restaurants are home to many events. Wedding receptions, for instance, are frequently held in these places. Corporate events and birthday parties are also celebrated here. Individuals who manage restaurants and hotels, however, don’t always see the value of having a projector ready for these gatherings. 


Being equipped with a projector is vital to your hotel or restaurant as several events are celebrated and held there. If you’re planning to own the best smart projector for hotel rooms, then consider getting the HD6K+.

 The HD6K+ is known for its numerous benefits. Aside from its 4K HD resolution that’s guaranteed to please your customers, it’s also equipped with a WiFi connectivity to ensure that the possibilities of using this projector is limitless. It can be used even without a computer or other devices.

 Having an HD6K+ in your hotel or restaurant allows you to access apps so your customers can enjoy their stay while celebrating their event. Additionally, the HD6K+ is also equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your speakers or other Bluetooth-capable devices to enhance your projector usability.

Using an HD6K+ and other ABIS products is guaranteed to provide your years of fun and excitement. If you wish to own the best-selling projector in UK, visit ABIS.