The Best Projector For Home Cinema

Watching movies is an excellent family activity. Aside from spending time with your household members more, bonding with them while being entertained can benefit your family as a whole. Watching movies through a projector, however, is much more enjoyable than watching via television for many reasons.

One home cinema projector that stands out from all of its competitors is the HD6K+ by ABIS. Not only is it equipped with several features that can benefit you and your family, it’s also the most cost-effective option that’s widely available in the market.

But why is the HD6K+ considered the best? Here are a few reasons.


Connecting to Bluetooth is easy.

Bluetooth connectivity is an essential when owning a gadget. Our HD6K+ is Bluetooth-ready. Once you connect your projector to other devices, gadgets and electronics like HiFi speakers can be done effortlessly – this is a great feature if you wish to have the best movie experience at home.


It’s WiFi-ready.

Projectors are used for a variety of reasons. Nowadays, using a projector doesn’t necessarily mean that you will use it for business-purposes. Even your household members can benefit from having a projector. Our dedicated developers and hardworking manufacturers made it possible to connect the HD6K+ to the internet. Because of that, movies and videos can now be easily accessed.


It’s considered Ultra High-Definition.

One of the best ways you can make your movie experience more entertaining is by watching it in a screen that can show you all the details you’d want to see. Our HD6K+ is the true meaning of high-definition. Its 4K resolution is sure to provide you the best movie experience you and your family can possibly have.


You have millions of apps you can download.

Android is one of the most widely-used operating systems - and what great way to access them via a projector! Our HD6K+ allows you to access and download Android apps – because we ensure that our customers are always up-to-date.


The HD6K+ is protected by warranty.

Finally, our HD6K+ is not only a high-quality and best-selling projector, it’s also a reliable one. Because we value our customers just as much as we value product quality. We provide 12 months warranty to our HD6K+ users.


Projectors may not be the go-to option when it comes to watching movies, but if you’re in need of an upgrade for your media room, then having a projector is the sure way of making any movie experience enjoyable. For more superior quality products, check out ABIS.