The Best Projector For Gamers

Playing video games is a great past time. To some, it’s even a source of income. While gaming has evolved from an unhealthy hobby to a beneficial form of recreation, the medium where you view and watch to play your games in has also been upgraded.

Nowadays, video games played on screens that are visible to more than the player can attract an audience – this is probably why modern day entertainment channels on YouTube showcase their gaming skills – because watching someone else’s game makes the viewers feel engaged as well.

But how can you show your friends and family how you play video games if you’re not one of the more popular YouTubers? Is there another way you can show your gaming skills without having to broadcast it on the internet, just for your chosen audience to see?

Projectors weren’t as popular with gamers as it is today. However, thanks to the number of upgraded technology that’s available to us now, projectors, too, have evolved. Projectors like the ABIS HD6K+ for instance, is considered as the best projector for gaming for a number of reasons. When it first launched, several gamers purposely went out of their way just so they can get their hands on the said projector.

But why exactly is the HD6K+ the most ideal projector for gaming? Here are a few reasons.


Connecting to WiFi is easy.

Gone are the days when projectors were only used for one purpose – projecting an image or video into a larger medium. Thanks to our dedicated developers and hardworking manufacturers, the HD6K+ can connect to the internet. Because of that, new games can now be easily accessed – as easy as connecting the HD6K+ to WiFi.

It’s Bluetooth-ready.

What better gaming upgrade can you have than connecting to a Bluetooth? Our HD6K+ is not only capable of connecting to the internet via WiFi, it’s also Bluetooth-ready. Once you connect your projector -- the same way you would connect your phone – to other devices, gadgets and electronics like HiFi speakers can be done effortlessly.


Millions of Android apps can be downloaded.

We all enjoy accessibility because convenience is what software developers aim to provide. Android is one of the most widely-used operating systems. And our HD6K+ allows you to access and download their apps. Gamers rave about this unique feature because playing games directly on your projector is the true definition of convenience.


It’s holds true to its promise – Ultra High-Definition.

One of the best ways you can make your video games more entertaining, enjoyable, and engaging is by playing it in a screen that can show you all the details you’d want to see in your game. Our HD6K+ is the true meaning of high-definition. Its 4K resolution is sure to provide you the best gaming experience you can possibly have.


The HD6K+ is covered by Warranty.

Finally, our HD6K+ is not only a superior projector, it’s also reliable and durable. However, we value our customers just as much as we value product quality. We provide 12 months warranty to our HD6K+ users – because we believe in prioritising our customers’ feedback more than anything.


While there are countless of projectors available to gamers these days, the HD6K+ is still the best-selling amongst all projectors – for a number of reasons. If you wish to have the best gaming experience, visit the ABIS website – so you and your friends can play and enjoy more video games.