The Best Hand Dryer On Amazon And eBay

Amazon and eBay are two of the most preferred online shopping platforms in the world. With countless customers purchasing items every day, it’s no surprise that online sellers come up with many ways to get their products visible. However, the rise of eCommerce also made it more difficult for the customers to find the best product they wish to buy.

Nowadays, even establishment-owners do most of their shopping online. Hand dryers, for instance, are one of the most-purchased products to be used in commercial spaces. If you wish to purchase a hand dryer yourself, you may be overwhelmed by how many products are available on Amazon and eBay for you to buy potentially. Of course, you would want to purchase only the best for your establishment.

So which hand dryer is considered as one of the best investment? ABIS Excel 9 is the most preferred hand dryer by establishment-owners to be used in their commercial space for many reasons. Here are a few of them:


1. Quick Drying Time

Most commercial spaces have bathroom foot traffic as one of their biggest problems. And it can indeed be inconvenient to customers who wish to get back on their day-to-day routine – especially if the traffic occurs in an office where employees are on a limited break time. Bars, pubs, and clubs also witness heavy traffic in the bathroom that often upsets their patrons and customers because bathroom breaks are common in these types of establishments.

Often times, the inconvenience of having a heavy foot traffic in the bathroom can be resolved by simply replacing your old paper towel dispenser with a hand dryer with a powerful motor. The Excel-9 is not only known to burst the most ideal temperature that’s safe for the skin, it can also dry hands very quickly and thoroughly – drying your hands takes only a few seconds; this excellent feature is praised by establishment-owners because the foot traffic in their commercial space is greatly reduced.


2. Environment-friendly

Several establishment-owners, customers, and managers are pushing and campaigning for more eco-friendly alternatives to their every day usage and products – and they have every reason to. More and more people are seeing the detrimental environment impact of using and disposing of paper towels. Landfills can amass tons and tons of paper towels that cannot be recycled every year, which is an alarming news to environment-conscious individuals.

There’s no denying that commercial places are one of the biggest culprits in paper waste. That’s why it’s only proper to switch to the Excel-9 hand dryer because it eliminates the need to use paper towels to dry hands. Instead, you and your customers can enjoy a fast hand drying method without the need to dispose of anything that can further damage the mother earth – this helps both you and your customers contribute to the betterment of the environment.


3. Cost-effective

It’s somewhat an open secret for businessmen and establishment-owners to always find new ways to cut back on the costs in return of a higher profit. However, what a lot of them fail to notice is that the inventory shouldn’t be limited to food and other items. Constantly purchasing paper towels is not only costly and damaging to the environment, it’s also ineffective in drying and unhygienic to the users. Older hand dryer models, on the other hand, take longer to dry hands – making your hand dry time longer. Thus, causing you to pay for a higher electricity bill than you should.

The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer, however, is known as the best selling commercial hand dryers in eBay because of its quick hand drying time and automatic sensor allows you and your customers to dry hands at a much rapid time. Switching to this hand dryer is not only ideal, it’s also a worthy investment since it can save you almost half of the cost that you’re currently spending on your establishment.


4. Chic Look and Durable

Most, if not, all establishment-owners have the common goal of providing their customers a wonderful experience during their stay. However, not a lot of them realise that their customer service is not only limited to their services, products, or offers. The ambience, motif, and theme of your establishment is another crucial detail that your customers notice – that’s why it’s important to give your customers an attractive and cozy atmosphere.

The addition of the Excel-9 hand dryer is not only helpful to you and your customers, but the countless available colours makes it possible for you to choose the best one for your bathroom. Aside from that, the Excel-9’s casing is made of the most durable stainless steel that can withstand damage and vandalism.


5. Easy to Install

Despite the allocated budget for practical purchases and investments, not every establishment-owner can “afford” hiring an installer for their hand dryer. While spending money to have your hand dryer installed may not seem a bit much compared to the amount of money that goes in and out of the business, the option to install the Excel-9 yourself is achievable thanks to ABIS’s excellent customer service – their highly-trained staff are willing to help and accommodate their clients every step of the way.

Installing the Excel-9 is effortless and can be done in no more than 15 minutes. Any problem that may occur during your DIY installation can be resolved by ABIS’s customer service representatives – this eliminates the need to pay for a professional to install it for you – saving you more money in the process.

While there are countless products available in the market and eCommerce platforms like eBay and Amazon, only the best ones are given excellent reviews and feedback. If you wish to purchase the Excel-9 or other ABIS products, check out their website.