The Best Hand Dryer In Europe

Finding the best automatic sensor hand dryers for businesses is not an easy task. With the top distributors situated in Europe and big brands marketed here, purchasing the most ideal hand dryer for you may somehow even be considered an investment risk. While it’s true that all hand dryers do exactly what it says – drying hands, there’s still a lot that needs to be considered when buying one.

Well known brands burst into the industry claiming to be the best have prices that are not always worthy of the purchase. Companies like ABIS, on the other hand, sell hand dryers at a much more competitive price. The Excel-9 for instance, is sold for only £117.00; quality, of course, is guaranteed by ABIS.

However, How exactly is the Excel-9 the best hand dryer in Europe?


It dries hands, of course, but quicker.

The great thing about owning the Excel-9 hand dryer is that it lessens the foot traffic that can amass in your establishment. Because some customers can’t afford to wait or fall in line to dry their hands, installing the Excel-9 is practical as it dries hands in 10-12 seconds – without the need to use a paper towel afterwards.

Built with state-of-the-art technology.

Most entrepreneurs look for dozens of ways to lower their expenses. Often times, they overlook their electricity bill as a factor in their financial dilemma. One solution to this is switching to a modern hand dryer that not only dries hands quicker, but has an automatic sensor that shuts down once it’s no longer in use; the Excel-9, of course, is the best hand dryer for this. Other than that, using this hand dryer eliminates the need to purchase and constantly restock paper towels that can contribute to paper pollution.


Durability is prioritized and guaranteed.

A common fear that business-owners have is owning a hand dryer that’s prone to damage or breakage. While wear and tear is inevitable among all objects and gadgets, purchasing a sturdy hand dryer prolongs every hand dryer owner’s fear – disposing or buying a new one. Unlike old hand dryers, the Excel-9 is built with a stainless steel casing that comes in a wide variety of colors. This casing is not only available in aesthetically-pleasing colors, it’s also resistant to vandalism and physical damage that comes with misuse from the customers.


ABIS has been in the industry for several years. If you wish to purchase the Excel-9 or any other high-quality products that they have, check out their website.