The Best Hand Dryer For Offices

The office is the busiest place to be - especially in the As managers, we want to provide our employees the most comfortable break time for them to reduce their stress and work more efficiently. At the same time, we want to provide them convenience during their stay in the office. Many managers fail to notice their employees need to have a cozy place for them to spend time in. Bathrooms, for instance, may be the least priority for managers and entrepreneurs to invest beautiful and functional accessories in, but it’s one of the most noticed places in your office. Sadly, decorating and adding amenities to it is often neglected.

Hand dryers is a great addition to your office bathroom for many reasons. Aside from the convenience it brings you and your customers, it’s also a more hygienic method of drying your hands. The Excel-9 by ABIS, for instance, is the most preferred hand dryer by offices and business-owners because of its numerous benefits.

But how exactly does it help you and your employees in your day-to-day routine? Read on to find out.


Less time to spend in the bathroom.

Employee efficiency is vital to your business. And your employees make your success possible and achievable. If you wish for your employees to make the most out of what they do during office hours, consider getting a modern hand dryer like the Excel-9. Switching to this newer model hand dryer is the key to efficiency as convenience is provided to you and your workforces. Its air spin and motor are powerful enough to dry hands in less than 15 seconds. Foot traffic in the bathroom can be greatly recused with the addition of the Excel-9 as you and your employees will no longer have to wait for several minutes just to dry your hands.


Eco-friendly solution.

Thanks to countless campaigns to conserve the planet’s resources, several companies are now helping to reduce air, water, and paper pollution. Unlike what a lot of people previously thought, paper towels is not recyclable. Therefore, discarding and disposing paper towels will not only impact the environment negatively, it will also emit harmful gases and chemicals when burnt. That’s why switching to a hand dryer is the environment-friendly solution - you and your employees can contribute to the betterment of the environment by eliminating paper towels and replacing it with the Excel-9.

Cost-effective alternative.

Every wise business-owner knows that there will always be countless ways of reducing expenses. Oftentimes, we fail to notice that the simple but constant restocking of paper towels can work wonders to your business success. Switching to the Excel-9 allows you to dry your hands quickly. Also, its automatic sensor lets you freely leave the hand dryer turned on without worrying about the electricity bill. Moreover, purchasing and installing one need not be done by a professional as ABIS’s customer service representatives are always willing to assist you to ensure that you get the product working. They are glad to accommodate and answer all your queries should you have trouble with any of their products.


Offices may be the busiest place to be in for both you and your workforces, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your working hours inconveniently. A simple bathroom break is appreciated by your employees. And you can further help them enjoy their break time if you install a convenient solution and alternative to hand drying. If you wish to purchase the Excel-9 for your office, visit ABIS.