Projectors: What Is The Best One For Your Business?

Any workplace can benefit from having a projector. Aside from enabling you to enhance the visualisation of your slideshow presentations, your workforces can also use it to demonstrate tasks and projects easier. The HD6K+ for instance, is the most recommended projector for establishments and offices for numerous reasons.

Here are a few of them:



The HD6K+ is equipped with a WiFi connectivity. So when you’re exhibiting a slideshow presentation to your employees, you can access apps in the app store to help you with your presentation. It also has an Android operating system so most apps available in the app store can also be accessed via the projector.



If you’re presenting a slideshow that requires audio for it to be fully maximised, then the HD6K+ is the perfect projector to purchase. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect other devices that are Bluetooth-capable such as HiFi speakers.



Connecting your projector to a computer is sometimes a daunting task especially when you’re busy. Fortunately, the HD6K+ needs not to be accessed via computer for it to function. ABIS has made sure to make their projector truly wireless so you can access your presentation using a remote control alone.



The HD6K+ is one of the few projectors that come with a 4K resolution. If you’re managing a corporation where there are a lot of work forces, then you can truly benefit from this projector. Your employees will also appreciate this as it can help them see the screen better even from afar.



Finally, the HD6K+ is covered by warranty because ABIS understands that a projector is an investment. Even though they make high-quality products where their customers very rarely experience errors, they still make sure that your products are covered by the warranty as they believe that you deserve only the best.


For more products and projector accessories, visit the ABIS website.