Projectors vs. Big Screen For Home Cinema Setup

Setting up a home theatre is a fun and exciting process. From deciding the seating arrangements to queuing movies to watch. When adding the essentials, however, one question always comes to mind in every homeowner – what electronic device must we watch our movies on? Which one would work better for our home theatre? What features can we benefit from?

Having a home theatre with a screen big enough for you and your family to enjoy is both easy and difficult to decide on. Finding the perfect screen to watch your favourite movies on often boils down to two choices – a television and a projector. While both device possess excellent features for you to maximise on, one can be considered more superior than the other.

But which device should you purchase to fully enjoy your home theatre experience? Read on to find out.


Both the projector and the big-screen television have features designed for you to enjoy the ultimate movie experience in the comfort of your home. But in terms of screen size, the projector is without a doubt the winner. The cost of owning a projector is also usually more economical than a television. A limited budget can impede you from purchasing a television of a large size. Whereas with a projector, you can purchase a high-quality one for the price of an average-sized television.

Projectors made these days are no longer unremarkable. Modern day projectors like the HD6K+ by ABIS allows you to enjoy TV shows, watch movies, and view vivid, crisp, and high quality images.


Televisions were once lauded for being innovative when their manufacturers added the ability to connect a USB for you to navigate and watch your downloaded movies and TV shows directly. But the HD6K+ by ABIS has always been ahead of its time. The HD6K+ is one of the first “Smart” projectors. A smart projector allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and even play games even without an external device.

The HD6K+ has a WiFi connectivity and runs on an Android 6.0 operating system. You can stream movies, watch your favourite YouTube series, or Netflix series even without connecting it to a laptop – a feature that a television is not capable of.


Modern day projectors are built with features that surpass high-end televisions. Unlike televisions, the HD6K+ allows you to thoroughly enjoy your home theatre experience thru a bigger screen – the HD6K+ has a native resolution of 1280 X 800 that also supports 1920 X 1080 – even 4K. Its brightness of 2,800 LED lumens also means that you can view the screen without you sacrificing the quality of the images that appear. Moreover, its 16:9 -- and 4:3-compatible -- aspect ratio guarantees that your movies appear the same way that it would in a cinema.

In terms of features and functions, the projector is undoubtedly more superior than a television. However, if you wish to fully enjoy watching movies in a home theatre environment, purchase only the best projector. For more information, visit the ABIS Electronics website.