Problems That Are Solved When You Buy The ABIS Projector Bundle

The focus of most of the electronics manufacturers is to create electronics that are easy to use and very user friendly. But, at times, gadgets can get very tricky.

With so many features to use, one simply doesn’t get how and what is best for a purpose. To make things easier, we created many video manuals showing step by step tutorials on how to do particular things in the ABIS HD6000+ Projector.

We try to get in touch with all our customers to know what problems they are facing with the products they buy.

After making an exhaustive list of the same, we introduced the ABIS projector bundles. We found out that the customers were able to solve their following problems when they bought the ABIS projector bundles thru these ways:


Tangling of wires and safety issues with wires lying around.

All of our ABIS Projector bundles are totally wireless in nature. The projector itself has all the wireless capabilities and when you club the same with a ceiling mount and a Bluetooth speaker of amazing quality, the need for wires is totally gone and the problems associated with open wires is also solved.


Safety concerns about the ceiling mount and compatibility issues with speakers.

The ceiling mounts produced in the market can sometimes turn out to be of terrible quality - putting you and your projector at risk. Buying the ABIS ceiling mount is the most advisable option as it comes with high precision screw points, ensuring safety for the projector.


Different products and different qualities.

ABIS strives for quality and keeps it at utmost importance. You, as the customer are the king and we assure that you are served the best quality equipment inside as well as outside.


ABIS cannot assure the quality of other products that you buy from other companies. However, when you buy the ABIS Projector Bundle, you are simply getting the best quality products where you can be sure of the amazingly good performance and support.


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