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What Size LED Panel is Best for Your Business


LED Ceiling Panels have become the preferred mode of lighting of several establishments. It’s been proven to benefit the environment and is cost-effective.

We have compiled a list of different LED panels for you to know which one is the best for you:


300 x 300 LED Panel

The 300 x 300 LED panel is the smallest in the family and consumes only 24 Watts of energy. However, since it offers a strong 100 Lumens per Watt brightness, it offers great light in areas like your home, hotel hallways, and small corridors.


600 x 600 LED Panel

The 600mm x 600mm LED panel is the most common size of all LED Panels – making it the most widely-available among the others.

This square shaped LED panel offers a Wattage of 48W and offers 100 Lumens of brightness per Watt; which allows it to offer 4800 Lumens or brightness. It also size comes in a square shape so it distributes light uniformly in the surrounding areas. This makes it suitable for any small to medium sized premises like offices, restaurants, cafeterias, and many more.



1200 x 300 LED Panel

The 1200 x 300 LED Panel has a 40 Watts output with 4000 Lumens. This makes the LED Panel of this size an excellent choice for washrooms and hallways.

However, the light distribution would look best if it’s installed in a 300mm wide tile. It’s also more convenient and more aesthetically-pleasing as removing the tile is all that’s needed, in terms of labour. If removing a tile doesn’t seem suitable for you, you can use its hanging kit instead.


1200 x 600 LED Panel

This LED Panel is the largest and is best installed in commercial properties. Establishments like warehouses, factories, and laboratories can benefit from this LED panel as its light distribution can allow you to see even the smallest details. This LED panel consumes 65 Watt energy and offers 6500 brightness.


ABIS offers all of the said panel sizes. Each LED panel comes with a driver and a free LED panel hanging kit.