How To Have An Outdoor Cinema In Your Backyard

You’ve seen it in the movies, you’ve passed by one at least once in your life, or you’ve probably even been into one yourself – outdoor cinemas – a fun and exciting weekend gathering that will always be reminiscent of your childhood.

Drive-in cinemas isn’t as popular as it once was. That’s why it’s hard to tell our kids about this wonderful childhood experience we’ve had back then – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to recreate the an outdoor cinema setup right at your backyard and make your children feel the same enjoyment that we felt back in the days.

Regardless of the occasion, whether your kids and their friends are having a sleepover, or you want them to enjoy a movie experience that’s different from the usual, setting up an outdoor cinema for them is an exciting process.

It doesn’t take much to set up a mini drive-in cinema in your backyard for you and your kids – and it need not be expensive either. Depending on your budget, you can decorate your backyard in a few simple ways just to give your outdoor space that outdoor movie ambiance.


But just where and how do you start? Read on.


1. Choose a movie

Kid-friendly action movies or real kiddie movies? Whichever show you want your kids to watch, there’s a sure movie that they would enjoy. Using a projector that has a WiFi feature like the HD6K+ by ABIS allows you and your kids to watch movies even without using a laptop to project the computer screen. Bonus points because you can control the projector using a remote control. If you want to kick it up a notch and add extra effects, consider getting the ABIS HiFi speaker that can be connected to the HD6K+ via Bluetooth for a surround sound.

2. Prepare the snacks

What movie night is considered complete and perfect if there isn’t popcorn available? Have your kids enjoy popcorn by making one right before the movie starts so they don’t spoil their appetite – or finish the snacks before the opening scene even comes in! Moreover, try adding a few candy bars so your kids consider your mini outdoor cinema as the best recreational activity for them – and for you, of course. However, if you don’t want the sugar rush to kick in after -- or worse – mid-movie -- then you can opt for healthier snack alternatives instead. Try baking vegetable chips or sugar-free treats for them to munch on.


3. Set up the backyard

Do you want your outdoor cinema to be similar to a drive-in theatre or do you want them sitting on the ground beside each other’s company? Either way, there are a few simple ways you can upgrade your backyard into those. You can get creative and just grab a few carton boxes and paint them like cars as though they’re sitting inside one, or you can set up a bunch of throw pillows and add a few blankets so they can lounge while eating and watching the movie that you chose for them to watch beforehand.

An outdoor cinema is a simple but exciting activity not just to kids, but even to parents. There are many benefits of watching a movie together, and the most important one of them is you get to bond with your family more. Outdoor cinemas may be considered to be a little outdated these days, but the wonderful memories you’ve had when you used to go there is something your kids should also enjoy – and you can now DIY one easily. 

To maximise your outdoor cinema experience, consider ABIS projectors.