How To Enjoy Halloween With A Projector

The spookiest night of the year is almost here.

Houses are decorated with orange and purple frills, pumpkins are carved and on display at the porch, and costumes are ready to be worn and shown off. However, it’s no secret that Halloween doesn’t end once the last candy bar is given away. True Halloween-enthusiasts know that watching horror movies is the cherry on top of October’s last night. Whichever horror subgenre you’re into, watching these movies is best viewed on a large screen where you, your family, and friends can enjoy it the most.

The scariest movies of them all will give you and your loved ones a fright -- the delighting kind, of course -- when you watch them through the ABIS HD6K+ projector. This smart projector for halloween is one of ABIS’s bestselling products because of its 4k resolution, Its WiFi feature allows you to browse thanks to its Smart Software, it can be connected to any other smart devices wirelessly and you can watch your favorite movies without any other mediums.Outdoor movies in the autumn season is sure to give you enough chills to thoroughly enjoy any horror movie you watch.

Halloween isn’t limited to watching horror movies. The younger generation never ceases to throw one of the best parties during Halloween. And what better way to enjoy it than setting up the best sound system, blast out and dance to Thriller and the Ghostbusters theme song using ABIS’s HiFi speakers that can be connected to the projector via Bluetooth.


If you wish to keep a more personal approach this Halloween, then you and your close friends can enjoy zombie games via a projector. The HD6K+ has thousands of games available on the App store. Playing games need not be limited to a computer or console. You can now enjoy them in a bigger and wider screen.

The HD6K+ is not limited for Halloween use. You can also enjoy this projector even on other days. However, if you wish to throw the spookiest Halloween party that’s worth remembering, consider allowing your family and visitors to use the features that the HD6K+ is equipped with – your party will sure be the talk of the town the next day. Who knows? Maybe you can even host future gatherings after this!

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