How To Dry Clothes Fast Indoor?

As soon as November arrives, it becomes a challenge to dry clothes out in the air. Because of the temperatures hitting negative, it can take up to a few days before the clothes are dry enough to be worn again. And yes, you never know when it starts to snow and all your efforts go “wet”! In this article, we want to share a few tips on how to dry clothes indoor fast!
  1. Iron your clothes before hanging them to dry: 
This is an old trick which our grandfathers have been using! It will definitely bring down the drying time by 20-25%. When the clothes are damp, just iron them softly. This will somewhat catalyse the process of drying. However, do remember, this trick is not going to make a huge impact. It might bring down the time but if you are looking for a higher drop and want to wear the clothes faster, you need to consider some other options.
2. The “TUMBLE” dryer:
We have all had it. When you are reading this, you must be wondering why are we giving you such an obvious option. Put the clothes in the dryer, leave them for a while and they will be dry!
Be Honest..
And, the XXL’s turning into XL’s.
Haven’t you faced these issues?
If yes, there is something more to look at!
3. ABIS Heated In-Care Airer:
What if we told you that now you can dry the clothes indoors, without shrinking your clothes and having to worry about having a depressing smell throughout the day.
We have launched Heated Electric Indoor airers that dry clothes naturally by radiating heat out of the aluminium rods. With a waterproof switch, you are safe from any short circuits and the 2 foldable designs make it easy for you to store them when not in use.
It is not just us, but many more who have left their feedback on various platforms! Just a few of them: 
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