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How LED Panels Can Save You Money Every Year

How LED Panels Can Save You Money Every Year - {{ ABIS Electronics }}

Switching to integral retro-fit LED panels from your existing fluorescent modular ceiling lights is a very wise thing to do.  Hand dryers are fast, easy, and a good way to enjoy substantial savings on energy. It will also reduce maintenance and electricity costs while still giving you a brighter surrounding.

With a payback of around 1-2 years or less, depending on the installation, cleaning, tube replacement, and disposal costs, there are surely convincing reasons to switch to hand dryers.

The Integral LED panels are designed to be highly cost effective. Considering the energy prices only going up in the long term – now, more than ever, is a good time to make the investment and switch.

Lumens are a measure of the total light output. The higher the lumens of an LED are, the higher the light output will be. Lumens divided by power called Watts. It gives a measure of the efficiency of an LED panel. Make sure you check the lumens-per-watt rating for the higher the lumens per watt, the more efficient an LED panel is.

This is comparable to miles- per-gallon (MPG) or litres-per-100km for fuel efficiency. For instance, there would be an 80 lumens-per-watt rating (80 lm/W) in an LED panel with a 3600 lumen output and a power rating of 45 Watts. In comparison, integral LED panels have a lumens-per-watt rating of 100-140 lm/W. Thus, switching to LED shows a gigantic 75% efficiency improvement.


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