Hand Dryer Installation Tips

Installing a hand dryer is not just about following regulations for legal reasons but also for everyone’s safety -- you, your employees, and most importantly your customers.

Hard-wiring the hand dryer to the electrical supply is usually done by a qualified electrician. However, it’s possible to install a hand dryer yourself.

Here’s how:

• Before anything else, make sure that the power supply breaker is switched off. Then, mark the location of the mounting holes and wire service entry on the wall where the dryer will be installed.

• As for the hand dryer, you have to remove the cover and make sure to retain any screws.

• You then connect the supply wires to the terminal block which indicated and connect the ground wire to the base plate using the ground screw.

• Next, connect the live wire to the terminal marked “L”.

• After that, connect the neutral wire to the terminal block marked “N”.

• Once that’s done, you then have to replace the cover and mount the dryer to the wall thru the mounting holes.

Keep in mind that these are general instructions only; you always need to consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

 Additionally, there are other things you should also know.


While deciding where to position your hand dryers, it’s best to consider the layout of your wash room as a whole. You must also contemplate the flow of traffic through the room. You want to avoid putting the dryer in a place where a user would have to cut across the flow of people entering the room.

Mounting height

When it comes to Electric commercial Hand dryer height, you should consider who will be using your restroom. If it’s an office, then adult heights should meet your requirements; while schools will necessitate children’s height.

 In public amenities, you should be responsible for a range of installation heights to suit all of your possible users. Hands dryers should be installed at the following heights

- Male washroom: 1170mm
- Female washroom: 1120mm
- Ages 4-7: 810mm
- Ages 7-10: 910mm
- Ages 10-13: 1020mm
- Ages 13-17: 1120mm
- Disabled facilities: 940mm

All of these measurements are from the air outlet of the hand dryer to the floor.

Now that you have all of these reminders in installing a hand dryer, end the hesitation of buying because the problem regarding installation is now solved.