Best Hand Dryer For Service Stations, Bus, Train Stations And Airports

Places like airports and bus stations amass a huge amount of foot traffic every single day. Oftentimes, it is a place for bathroom breaks as these stations are usually situated in the middle of the bustling city. If it’s not built around the cityscape, however, transport stations are strategically built on locations that are too far apart from each other. So it’s only natural that the passengers take bathroom breaks here. 

Because of the busy and heavy traffic that public transportation places experience every day, the bathrooms of these establishments are one of the most crowded places. And surprisingly, the bathroom cubicle is not where people fall in line at a long time – it’s after they go to the bathroom and wash their hands that they tend to queue longer.

Once the passengers are done washing their hands, they usually must wait from a long line of other individuals who take bathroom breaks in transport stations since drying hands with a paper towel takes several seconds to complete. But the use of paper towel is not only costly and inefficient, it’s also unhygienic given the fact that numerous people touch the surfaces – surfaces that harbour millions of bacteria. 

To address the demand for a more hygienic and cost-effective solution for transport station traffic in the bathroom, hand dryers are often installed as an alternative to paper towels. The Excel-9 by ABIS is the most preferred hand dryer by places like this because not only is the elimination of paper towels the more sustainable and environment-friendly option, it’s also cost-efficient as the need to restock paper towels on dispensers is eradicated.

Passengers taking bathroom breaks who are in a hurry -- as they usually are -- also greatly appreciate the switch to upgraded hand dryer models like the Excel-9 -- compared to other models or paper towel dispensers. This hand dryer is equipped with a powerful motor that lets out the most optimum air spin; drying your hands thoroughly and effectively is easy and achievable because of the Excel-9.

Eco-conscious individuals prefer the Excel-9 because the environment witnesses and experience a rise in paper wastage that often ends up in landfills. Contrary to popular belief, paper towels are non-recyclable so whatever is disposed by an establishment remains in landfills. The decomposition also takes longer than what is usually told to people. So switching to the Excel-9 hand dryer is a wise option as not using a paper towel to dry your hands contributes to the betterment of the environment in more ways than one.

To managers and establishment-owners, the Excel-9 is also beneficial to them and their transport station. Switching to a hand dryer -- from paper towels -- eliminates the need to constantly restock and refill the paper towel dispenser. This saves you a hefty amount of money because purchasing paper towels for your passengers is no longer needed. Moreover, the Excel-9 can also help you cut back on the costs in terms of electricity bill because of its quick drying time.

Installing the Excel-9 need not to be done by a professional. If you’re trying to save money and don’t have the budget to pay someone to install the hand dryer for you, installing it yourself can be done easily. Should you have problems with the installation process of the hand dryer, the Excel-9’s distributor, ABIS, has a team of highly-trained and gracious customer service representatives who will gladly assist you on your purchase.

In terms of durability, the Excel-9 is known to be a durable product that can withstand physical blows and vandalism. Its stainless steel casing -- that comes in a wide variety of chic and vibrant colours -- is earning hundreds of positive reviews online because the transport stations where this hand dryer is installed usually garners plenty of passengers – and none of them encountered any damage to their hand dryers.

Transport stations may be one of the busiest areas in the city, but it is often the go-to place for passengers who need bathroom breaks. To ensure that they can maximise their short stay in places like the airport or bus stations, install only the best hand dryer for them. For more high-quality products, check out ABIS.