A Comprehensive Guide On What To Look For In A Hand Dryer

Like most things, hand dryers come in different looks, sizes, and function. But unlike most things, only a few hand dryers are built exceptionally. Not all are made for heavy foot traffic. Some, even, aren’t even made to withstand the typical wear and tear that hand dryers should be able to endure.

So when it comes to hand dryers, how do you find the perfect one for your business? Read on.



Busy areas call for quick and efficient methods – no matter what or where it may be – bathrooms, of course, are also included in this. If you manage a busy commercial space, then chances are, you’re the perfect witness to how heavy the foot traffic gets in every place.

Hand dryers like ABIS’s Excel-9 is specially made for places like offices, restaurants, clubs, and many other busy places. Because of its motor speed, it can dry hands quickly in less than 15 seconds; queuing is no longer a problem that your customers will have to deal with. Thus, taking longer in the bathroom just to dry their hands is prevented.

Electric Consumption

Whether you’re trying to save more money or conserving energy, installing or replacing your old hand dryer with the Excel-9 is an excellent choice. Aside from taking less time to dry you or your customers’ hands, its automatic sensor also allows you to leave the hand dryer unsupervised as its guaranteed to turn off when not in use.

Moreover, switching to a hand dryer eliminates the need to use a paper towel – saving you more money as you’ll no longer need to restock your paper towel dispenser; the environment also benefits from this as you’ll contribute to the reduction of paper pollution.


There are only a few hand dryers that are made with durable material like stainless steel – Excel-9 is one of them. Not only does it come with beautiful and vibrant colours like chrome, gold, and black, ABIS, the distributor of the Excel-9, guarantees that whichever colour you choose for your establishment, it’s built to last for over a decade and can withstand physical blows, as well as resist vandalism.


Not all hand dryers are made alike. While it’s true that all hand dryer manufacturers build products that can do the job, not every hand dryer can be used efficiently and conveniently. If you wish to purchase a hand dryer that possesses all exceptional hand dryer qualities, visit ABIS.