9 Unbelievable Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Video games have evolved and have become more exciting and challenging. They come a long way since the ‘70s. Video games today go beyond fun and are more technical. But playing video games has many benefits.

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Playing games can produce better surgeons.

You may not think that doctors spend time playing games rather than reading medical textbooks, but they do. In fact, during practice procedures, those who played for more than three hours a week made 32% fewer errors compared to their counterparts that don’t play games.


May help you overcome dyslexia.

Some research points that the key component of dyslexia is the difficulties with attention and detail. A study showed that dyslexics who played continuous heavy action games improved their reading comprehension. This was concluded because games require constant focus.


Games can improve your vision.

Contrary to what we’ve been told, there’s no scientific evidence that link eye damage to video games. In fact, scientists even discovered that playing games can actually help your vision. This study required some participants to play games within 10 weeks. And they found that the participants had a greater ability to discern between different shades of grey and another with using only lazy eye. All the players showed sufficiently great improvement in their affected eye after.


A possible career boost.

Because of the rewards and encouragement players receive, they have the high chance of getting a good career. Certain genres of games help them heighten their leadership skills such as providing for communities and security. According to researches, players exemplify great motivation in their real-world career goals. Being spontaneous in a game is something that can also help them react quickly when an unexpected crisis at work happens.


Can become interested in history.

A lot of games today involve historical events and characters to drive their stories. According to research, these elements can help a child become familiar with history and can help them spark an interest into learning more about that era and culture. Parents even testified how effective connecting books, maps, and other learning resources to games because it helps their children become more engaged in learning while having fun at the same time.

Makes kids more active.

Other games may encourage a whole-body level of interaction. That’s why playing video games can lead to physical activity even if it only requires a simple handheld controller. Video games that involve basketball, tennis, or even skateboarding can inspire children to try it out and apply the same skills outdoors.


May slow the aging process.

There are a lot of games that involve problem-solving, memory, and puzzle components that is proven having a positive effect to older players. In a conducted study, participants who are 50 and older can improve their cognitive level in just 10 hours of playing - this improvement is also proven to last for several years.


Helps ease pain.

When we are in pain, our common reaction is to distract ourselves from it and focus something else like playing video games. Additionally, when you are playing, your body can produce an analgesic response, making you feel at ease. The more indulged you are in the game, the better you can feel.


You can make new friends.

Because of the rise of multiplayer games, socializing this way has been a great place to make new friends. Players needs to learn how to work together to win. Studies have shown that playing games can also spur a 70% chance of making friends.


Do you think that these reasons are enough for you to play more games? How about you try video games using a projector, projector screen, and a speaker?