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11 Reasons Why The ABIS 600x600 LED Light Is The Best Lighting Fixture

11 Reasons Why the ABIS 600x600 LED Light is the Best Lighting Fixture - {{ ABIS Electronics }}

Everyone deserves to see the brighter side of things. Gone are the days when we’d worry too much about our electricity bill because we left the lights turned on for too long. Nowadays, LED lights found a way to meet the market demand for a brighter environment.

Indeed, LED lighting is everyone’s preferred mode of lighting. The 600x600 LED Panel Light by ABIS, however, stands out among the rest of the other lighting distributors for a variety of reasons.

If you’re in search of an LED lighting upgrade in your home or office, read on to find out why the ABIS 600x600 LED Panel Light is the best in the market.


1. It can save you a lot of money.

Purchasing an LED light is known to be a cost-effective solution to utility bill charges. ABIS’s 600x600 LED Panel Light is known to light a wide area remarkably well. Aside from this, our LED Lights also take less energy to illuminate a room – for up to 90%.


2. You can help protect the environment.

You can contribute to the betterment of the environment by just switching to LED Lights. Aside from the less energy consumption, our 600x600 LED light is also made with non-toxic materials. Mercury is never present in our lights and they’re considered to be “green” and environment-friendly.


3. Your home will look so much better.

Many people think that LED Panel Lights are only suitable for big spaces like offices. But that’s not the case. Having an LED Panel Light installed in your home will not help you see everything in your house brighter, it will also help you benefit from its energy-efficiency.


4. Your work space can be lit better.

An ample and proper lighting is paramount to your workspace – your employees and the other workforces can greatly benefit from this. Because our 600x600 LED Panel Light is built to power a wide area brightly, your employees’ day-to-day tasks are executed better and more efficiently.


5. It’s a visually-appealing interiour design.

A single LED light can brighten up a dark area of your home. If you’re looking for an upgrade or a way to enhance your home, switching to LED lights is an excellent option. Aside from its ability to make a dead space in your house look more lively, our LED Panel Lights are also designed to look great in any environment.


6. It has dimming options.

If a sunny and brilliant lighting is not your style, then you can opt to dim your LED light. Our LED Panel Lights are built with an option to dim it to a warmer yellow tone – for a clement and gentle solution to your eyesores.


7. LED lights have a longer lifespan.

Using LED lights may not be the cheapest lighting fixture in terms of price, but the Return of Investment is sure to manifest as soon as you purchase it. Unlike incandescent bulbs that have a lifespan of 1,500 hours, LED lights have the longevity of 60,000 hours – a contrast that shows how LED Lights can be used longer.


8. It’s safer than other lighting fixture.

LED lights are known to be sturdy. They’re also less prone to problems that can result to detrimental mishaps in your home or office. The continuous research and constant development from LED manufacturers make LED lights to be as upgraded and compliant to safety measures. ABIS, too, ensures that our LED Panel Lights are safe and do not pose a threat to anyone or anything.


9. It’s versatile.

Because of the sleek and minimal design, and the space-saving construction of LED lights, our 600x600 LED Panel Lights can be placed in pretty much any place that you wish to brighten or enhance.


10. It’s low maintenance.

Replacing your light bulbs is always a daunting task that you have to do every once in a while. Unfortunately, most lighting fixtures in the past are made to have a limited lifespan. However, LED lights, like our 600x600 Panel Light, can last for a really long time. If you wish to cut back on the cost as an entrepreneur, then switching to LED lights is a wonderful option as the need to hire someone to constantly replace your light bulbs is eliminated.


11. It can be installed easily.

Nobody likes purchasing a much-awaited item only to find out that an expert is required to install it for it to be used. Unlike most items, however, our 600x600 LED Panel Light is easy to install. Depending on your preference, installing it against a wall or mounting it on a ceiling is achievable thanks to its screw and lock feature.


If you wish to have an LED Panel Light installed for a fraction of the usual cost, or if you wish to order a different size, check out our website to see our other LED Panel Light sizes.

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