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Smart Projectors in UK

ABIS put its first projector for sale back in 2000. We have been selling the best projectors in UK and our current best seller SMART Projector – ABIS HD6K 4th Generation has sold more than half a million units making it the best choice for your home cinema or professional needs. Offering a native 1080p resolution and a bright LED lens with 50,000+ hours of life, the projector is going to be your best friend for entertainment for a tedious time.   SMART capabilities allow you to connect the projector to WiFI and Bluetooth using which you can have a totally wireless experience by using all your favourite streaming apps like Netflix, BBC, YouTube while connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy the most possible high quality audio.

Automatic, Electric, and Commercial Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers add hygiene to your wash room while saving you hundreds of pounds and contributing towards the environment. ABIS offers a range of automatic hand dryers for all requirements. If you need a hand dryer for heavy traffic, our premium hand dryers will suit your needs. If you want an entry level dryer, just get one of our starting range of Hand Dryers. All our hand dryers come with No-touch technology. All the motors have been designed in Germany and the ABIS shell on the entry level hand dryers and the Stainless Steel shells on the premium hand dryers gives them a premium look & add durability.

Cloth Airers Drying Rack

Drying clothes becomes a great pain when the weather is cold. Our electric clothes airers provide everything that you need in an airer with an added advantage of heat being circulated out of the rods to dry the clothes in no time. Our range of airers doesn’t take a lot of space and you can place them in any corner of your home. The rods are rust free and the power switch on the airer has a high IP Waterproof rating making it a safe as well as a convenient option. What else do you need to solve a major problem of drying clothes? Check out this revolutionary product now!

Deep Tissue Portable Massage Guns

After a long day at work or an intensive workout, getting a massage is now easy. Portable Massage guns by ABIS are battery powered massage guns with multiple heads to give you a good time. Powerful and durable, the ABIS Massage guns are a perfect choice for any fitness freak or someone looking for a relaxing massage. The powerful motor can be adjusted as per your requirements over 20 levels. Made up of highly durable and reliable material, the massager is going to be your masseuse for a long time!

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