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Home theatre upgrade: ABIS smart projectors

Streamline your home cinema experience with an ABIS smart projector and have direct access to your favourite streaming services on an Ultra HD display.

ABIS smart projectors offer a top-notch cinema experience right in your home or office. The 4K-compatible projectors provide more immersive display options than traditional TVs in one convenient system.

Older projectors had expensive bulbs that often burnt out or dimmed over time, but better technology has changed that. Each ABIS smart projector has a powerful, 6,000 lumen LED lamp that lasts more than 50,000 hours - the best option available on the market today. That means you can host movie or gaming marathons for years without needing to replace the bulb.   ...

Here’s why you should replace your TV with an ABIS smart projector:

•Crisp, beautiful images: Projectors have come a long way since theearly days. ABIS smart projectors now offer 4K picture quality, so even images projected onto a large surface are clear and crisp in Ultra HD.

•A truly immersive experience: An ABIS smart projector can displayimages as small as 40 inches to as large as 200 inches, as long as you have enough wall space or a projector screen. The bigger displayhelps you feel like you’re part of the action while reducing eye strain caused by looking at a small screen.

•Streaming made easy: ABIS smart projectors come with Android 6.0 software, so you can access your favourite shows and movies from popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Smart TVs that offer similar features cost hundreds to thousands more than ABIS smart projectors, on average.

•Connect to your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: ABIS smart projectors easilyconnect to nearby Bluetooth devices and can access your Wi-Fi network. That means you can easily display content from the web andconnect to devices, like your home sound system.

•An amazingly portable cinema experience: ABIS smart projectors are smaller and more compact than traditional TVs. You can quickly pack up your projector and take it to work for a presentation - or you can easily relocate it to another room in your home - creating a high-quality cinema experience wherever you go.

•Computer-less presentations: With an ABIS smart projector, you no longer need to bring your laptop to deliver a business presentation. Simply plug a USB drive directly into the projector and access your files from the device. Your conference room couldn't get any better with this conference projector.

•Great for interior design: Since projectors are smaller and easy to store away, a TV screen will no longer be the visual focal point of the room. Switching to an ABIS smart projector will give you more freedom to decorate and style your home, but still, have access to a top-notch cinema experience right in your home.

•Business: Since projectors are smaller and easy to store away, a TV screen will no longer be the visual focal point of the room. Switching to our smart projector will give you more freedom to decorate and style your home, but still, have access to a top-notch cinema experience right in your home.

ABIS projector screens: What to know

Why your home cinema needs an ABIS projector screen

ABIS projector screens provide a consistent, high-quality viewing experience in your home cinema.

ABIS projector screens are designed to maximize the picture quality of projected images across a large surface. Instead of losing picture qualityin large, projected images, an ABIS projector screen helps keep images crisp and clear. Screen sizes can range from 84 inches to 120 inches - so there’s plenty of options to fit your needs.

Pair your ABIS projector screen with an ABIS smart projector, and you’ll enjoy your favorite movies or shows in perfect 4K resolution. With an ABIS projector screen, you won’t sacrifice picture quality by relying on a plain white or grey wall to use your projector. Instead, the images will appear on a beautiful, consistent surface so they’re always bright and crisp.

Here’s how ABIS projector screens enhance your home cinema:

Professional cinema quality at an affordable price: ABIS projector screens are made with premium quality materials, but are still an affordable addition to your home cinema. Each ABIS projector screen has a matte white finish with ultra-high grain, so pictures are clear and colors are consistent. The screens absorb just the right amount of light, so pictures are displayed in beautiful high definition.

Discreet design: When not in use, ABIS projector screens can roll up and out of sight with the click of a remote control button. ABIS projector screens are designed with quiet, remote-controlled motors that guide the screen to and from a small, discreet compartment that’s attached to the wall or ceiling.

Ideal for gamers and movie buffs: The screens use a 16:9 aspect ratio, so images are large and consistent. The matte white finish ensures you don’t sacrifice image or color quality, so you can easily immerse yourself in the action.

Easy to install: ABIS projector screens can easily mount to the wallor ceiling. Unlike traditional TVs that require bulky equipment to safely hang on the wall, ABIS projector screens require minimal effort to install and begin using. Plus, when they’re not in use, ABIS projector screens easily tuck away.

Portable options for people on the go: In addition to huge home theater screens, ABIS also has manual, portable projector screens. These free-standing projector screens are great for people who want to take their projectors with them to work or to parties and ensure you have a high-quality surface to use your projector no matter where you go. They don’t require electricity to use, so you can set them up anywhere.

Projector and screen bundles make your entertainment complete and hassle free. ABIS is a top supplier for all projectors and screens bundles. With all projectors and screens package deals, you get a 10m HDMI lead and a ceiling bracket or a tripod stand ofyour choice.

Avoid crowded, expensive movie theaters: With an ABIS projector and projector screen in your home, you’ll never have to travel to a movie theater again. Simply stream whatever show or movie you want to see directly to your projector and enjoy a cinema-quality viewing experience from the comfort of your own sofa. No more waiting in line or purchasing overpriced movie theater snacks!

ABIS hand dryers reduce paper waste

ABIS hand dryers: Here are the benefits

ABIS automatic hand dryers are among Europe’s best-selling handdryers and offer a variety of models to meet your various needs. From the high-powered ABIS Excel-9 Hand Dryer that dries your hands in ten seconds to the super-affordable Budget Automatic Electric Hand Dryer, ABIS produces consistently high-quality hand dryers all backed with a 3-year warranty.

Better yet, each small yet mighty ABIS hand dryer helps you save the environment with each use. ABIS hand dryers have been reducing demand for paper towels as well as those older, less efficient electric hand dryers for nearly a decade.

Here are some of the benefits of our automatic hand dryers:

More cost savings compared to paper towels: Paper towels can cost 10 to 20 times as much per month than the cost of one high-powered hand dryer, according to The Society for Science-Based Medicine. Installing an ABIS hand dryer not only saves you money on paper towels and cleaning products in the long run but also reduces the amount of harmful paper waste produced in the bathroom from hand washing each day.

Environmentally friendly motors: The electric hand dryers from ABIS are equipped with eco-friendly motors and heating panels that reduce energy consumption by up to 30% during each use for some models. And, according to a study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, paper towels generate 70% more carbon emissions than modern, high-powered hand dryers.

Efficient drying with exceptional power: Our commercial hand dryers are ideal for bathrooms in frequently used public restrooms.The powerful motors dry hands fast, so people are quickly in and out of the bathroom. Bathrooms that receive a lot of use at places like schools, bars, clubs, restaurants, and busy offices see the most cost savings from hand dryers, on average.

Quality materials designed to withstand unexpected damage: ABIShand dryers come with heavy-duty stainless steel covers designed for durability.

Automatic sensors: Our automatic hand dryers are equipped with sensors to detect when someone has their hands underneath the dryer. Instead of requiring users to press a button, the dryers automatically turn on, reducing your contact with bathroom surfaces.

Marked safe under European Union guidelines: ABIS stainless steel hand dryers are equipped with top-notch motors and mainboards that are built to last. The components are compliant with the European Union’s original Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Protected by a 3-year warranty: Each ABIS hand dryer is protectedwith a carefree, 3-year warranty. ABIS customer support is always available to help customers with questions or concerns about their products.

ABIS massage guns: Benefits for athletes

How ABIS massage guns relieve muscle tension

ABIS professional-grade percussion massage guns provide powerful relief for tired and aching muscles.

A battery-powered ABIS deep tissue massage gun relieves deep tissue aches and joint pain when it’s included in your normal self-care routine. Regular use also improves blood circulation, releases overall muscle tension, reduces inflammation, and speeds up muscle recovery after strenuous workouts. Studies show that regular vibration therapy and massage help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness brought on by an intense workout. Massage guns can also help reduce lactic acid buildup,which is what causes most muscle soreness.

Massage guns provide percussive or vibration therapy through rapid-fire bursts of pressure directed toward specific muscles, according to a report by CNN. An ABIS massage gun gives you similar benefits of a professional massage, but in the convenient comfort of your own home.

Here are more key features of ABIS massage guns:

Quiet motors for maximum relaxation: ABIS massage guns are designed with brushless motors and WhisperGlide technology. That means motors are powerful but run quietly so you can relax and enjoy your massage.

Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts: Don’t let sore muscles keep you from achieving your fitness goals. An ABIS massage gunkeeps your body feeling great, prevents injuries, and improves your range of motion.

Designed for easy use: ABIS massage guns have ergonomic designs that reduce external vibrations so they’re easier to hold. The design, along with an anti-slip silicone grip, makes it easy to handle and maneuver the massage gun around your body.

Programmed with multiple power levels for different needs: Each ABIS massage gun has a huge selection of power levels and massage modes to ensure you get the perfect movement and intensity depending on your preferences. An ABIS massage gun can reach up to 3,200 percussions per minute.

Interchangeable attachments for even more variety: ABIS massage guns come with 20 interchangeable massage heads that are designed to reach even the trickiest aches and pains you may be suffering from.

Battery-powered for maximum portability: No need to find an outletto use your massage gun. ABIS massage guns use powerful, rechargeable 2500mAH lithium batteries that can last for up to five hours of use. Each massage gun also comes with its own carrying case, so you can take it to the gym or on long trips.

Easy to learn: ABIS massage guns come with a quick and easy guide to learn how to use them. The Ready, Set, Pro Easy-Start guide helps you get started with your ABIS massage gun within minutes.

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